Strip-N-Go Method

We use a “Strip and Go” installation method to install solar panel arrays on all lightweight concrete, clay, and slate tile roofs. This method ensures the roofing under the array is watertight and will match the lifetime expectancy of the solar panel array, provides an industry gold standard method of flashing the penetrations required to mount the rails to the roof rafters, the solar panels have a semi-flush integrated appearance, and the rails and wiring are not visible. There is decrease to the overall weight of the roof and the new solar panel array which in most cases eliminating the need for structural engineering. Finally, penetrations in the roof such as plumbing vents and attic vents can be relocated out of the array area and eliminate unsightly gaps in the solar panel array, and the plywood sheathing and roof framing can be inspected for damage and repaired if necessary.

This home has an existing concrete tile roof that will be removed and replaced with a Class A composition shingle roof.

The concrete tiles are removed from the roof and saved for the homeowner to use later if needed. 

The roof has been stripped down to the plywood deck, re-nailed to meet code, and some minor plywood repairs have been done. The plumbing vent pipes have been relocated to the top of the roof and away from the panel array.

A synthetic 50-year underlayment is installed directly to the plywood sheathing over the entire solar roof area from the eave up and over the ridge and from the valley to the hip. New flashings will be installed at the fireplace and new drip metal will be installed at the eaves and into the existing gutters.  

A lifetime 3 – tab polymer modified composition shingle roof is installed. These shingles will not be visible after the array is finished.