Solar Energy Testimonials

“Howe Builders installed 51 solar panels on our Rancho Palos Verdes home in 2016.  We couldn’t be happier with both the result of our move to solar and our experience with the Howes. Bill Howe has extensive construction experience and knowledge and is probably the most conscientious, hard-working, trustworthy, principled, reliable person I have ever met.  He does meticulous work in an impressively timely manner.  He carefully evaluates potential projects and only takes on those that will truly benefit from the switch to solar.  He explains the costs and benefits honestly and thoroughly and handles every aspect of the project, from roofing repairs to power panel requirements with an uncommon ease and efficiency.  Bill’s wife, Rise, handles all the needed paperwork involving SCE, the State agencies, and I don’t even know who else, because she is so efficient and thorough that I never did anything except hire them and thank them for a job well done.  We used to have an $800-$1000 monthly SCE bill and a house where the power went out if two people dried their hair at the same time or we needed to use the AC.  We now have a $10 monthly bill and no power issues. In addition to doing a stellar job on our solar panel installation, Bill fixed a million little broken things around my house because he’s just that kind of nice guy who sees something that needs doing and quietly does it. It was a pleasure to work with such quality people who do such quality work.  I give Howe Builders my highest recommendation.” 

Janice S. (Rancho Palos Verdes)

“Bill is a perfectionist, and chooses to do all the work himself, to make sure that it is done correctly. His estimate was spot on and his work was exceptional. I would recommend Bill to anyone who is thinking about getting solar. Bill Howe installed solar not only on my house but my parents’ house as well. With a 2 1/2-year payout I’ll be enjoying free electricity for many years into the future. With these hot days that we’re experiencing now, it is comforting to know that I can cool my house down to a comfortable temperature without breaking the bank with high electricity bills. His work was truly professional, and even found some other things on my roof in which previous contractors did a not-so-good job at and fixed that for free.”

Larry D. (Rolling Hills)  

“Bill Howe installed solar panels about 2 years ago in Rancho Palos Verdes. He analyzed our power usage from Edison to determine the correct number of panels. He installed all of the panels and associated components quickly and efficiently. He also has cleaned the panels several times since installation at no charge. I highly recommend Howe Builders.”

Mack O. (Rancho Palos Verdes)

“Howe Builders installed our solar panels in Palos Verdes Estates more than a year ago.  We’ve been enjoying very low electricity bills ever since, and feel good about using renewable energy. They were efficient and the price was reasonable.  They followed up with us to help with the transition of billing. Bill and his crew do great work.  I have enthusiastically  recommended Howe Builders to my neighbors and friends!”

Elaine B. (Palos Verdes Estates)

“Thank you both for the fabulous work you have done for us over the years. The solar system that was installed in 2013 continues to produce great wattage and our electric bill has been reduced consistently, as projected.  As you know, we had interviewed several other solar companies before we were referred to you. In addition to the solar project, you have helped us with creative solutions and assistance on other home construction needs. The work is always on time and first class. We appreciate your excellent, hard work and attention to detail. We will be happy to serve as a referral for you any time!”

Nancy H. (Rolling Hills) 

“First of all, I wanted to thank both of you for an excellent job done on the solar installation.  Lawrence and I are both very happy with it and it truly is a pleasure working with you.  I don’t know if you are tracking the numbers but production is going up daily.  Today we reached a high of 76.8 kWh!!! And the pool solar panels are working perfectly.  It was 92 when we woke up this morning!”

– Lawrence and Tina M. (Rolling Hills)

“Due to the rising costs of electricity, it was decided that we would get bids for solar paneling.  Bill Howe was local with a good reputation in the community.  He provided us with the best bid.  He took care of all the permits, he was timely, reliable, pleasant, and tidy.  I highly recommend Howe Custom Home Builders.”

Carla R. (Rolling Hills)

“We had our solar panels installed by Howe Builders. They are really the best on every count. They sized the system right and didn’t try to sell us more panels than we needed (as Petersen Dean did). We rejected the “solar panel lease” idea (Solar City etc.) as the homeowners gets none of the tax/rebate benefits and doesn’t really get the benefit of zero to $5.00/month electric bills.  Very thorough and very reasonable. Here on Caballeros Road, Bill has completed at least 3 installations.”

Judy J. (Rolling Hills)

“We had solar panels installed by Howe Builders in 2015.  They were the most thorough, informative, and professional of any contractors we contacted prior to, during and to the completion of the installation.  All aspects of our working relationship and the quality of work met or exceeded our expectations.  We highly recommend Howe Builders for Solar.  We are on schedule to achieve the payback pro forma forecasted by Bill prior to the onset of work on our home.The reduced, indeed, almost eliminated monthly electricity charges bring a smile every month!”

Don & Trish L. (Rolling Hills)

“I highly recommend Bill Howe for any complex electrical installation. He installed my electrical solar system and my solar pool heater as well. Systems work great and the permits and approvals required no effort on my part.” 

Allen L. (Rolling Hills)

“We had our solar panels installed by Bill and Rise are great! We installed 20 panels with microinverters, and have a 5 year ROI. Looking forward to working with Bill and Rise on future projects!”

Jeff B. (Rancho Palos Verdes)

“Bill Installed a solar system on our home and it works great. Along the way he offered a lot of insight and recommendations. So glad to have met Bill and Rise. They have my full endorsement.”

Bob L. (Rancho Palos Verdes)

“Extremely professional and we’ll organized. From planning to installation, very impressive. I would not hesitate to recommend Howe solar for your project.” 

Rick & Jan K. (Rolling Hills Estates)

“I have just received my second annual bill after the solar installation, and it was $200 less than last year! Yet again proving the great job you did in sizing the system.  I get the occasional call from someone looking to use your services. It appears that you are very highly regarded in Rolling Hills!”

Martin W. (Rolling Hills)

“Bill Howe did outstanding job on tile roof. Solar City at the time did not want to deal with tiles. Over two years no problems. Can monitor output on internet.”

Bill S. (Palos Verdes Estates)

“We had Howe Builders install a solar energy panel system over our garage in March. Initially, they provided us with projections on how a system would reduce our bills. They did an excellent job with the installation – they started when they promised and actually finished early.  They left the worksite clean every night.  So far the system has produced the energy promised, though we have not yet had a true-up with Southern California Edison to see how much our bills will be reduced.  They obtained all the permits and filed for the California rebate on a timely basis. Bill Howe even checked on a few other issues we were having at no additional charge and came back to clean the panels without being asked.  Rise Howe handles the billing, permits, lien releases and other government filings, and was extremely cooperative and easy to work with.  Their price was actually lower than another bid we received to install a system in an inferior manner.  Overall, we had a great experience with Howe Builders and would recommend them without reservation to anyone considering the installation of a solar energy system.”

Diane L. (Rolling Hills)

“Roseanne and I are excited to share with others how Solar Panels have made our sky rocking electric bills a thing of the past. We no longer dread opening our monthly bill. As a matter of fact, it is just the opposite as we are excited to see the unbelievable savings. We are pleased to share with others how working with Howe Builders made our switch over to solar effortless. Working with Bill, and his wife Rise, took away any possible stress we might have encounter. Bill and Rise are the perfect team. Bill’s handling of our job was done professionally, with cleanliness, efficiency, and completed in a timely manner. Rise was prompt to return our calls and provide us with information/explanations concerning our job. With the savings in the cost of electricity our Solar System installed in December 2015 will have paid for itself by 2018.”

Jerry and RoseAnne R. (Rancho Palos Verdes)

“We recently had Howe Builders complete a solar installation. I can’t tell you how happy we are. This is a family-owned business that takes great pride in what they offer. From concept into design, the planning phase was straightforward. We met several times to plan what we wanted – the complexity of the economics of a solar system is high and Howe explained things clearly. Bill and Rise were was great to work with given we needed a lot of help with the economics piece. Working off our agreed-upon budget, we finalized a design in a few days. Then we had a kickoff meeting where we went over the process plan and permitting requirements. Work began and the amount of care for our home and craftsmanship was evident from day one. We are now proud owners of a solar system that makes turning on the A/C something we look forward to. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who has a home solar project to be done. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough to this company. Well done Howe Builders, well done!”

Neil & Adele K. (Torrance)

“Bill did an excellent job installing our solar panels. He also installed the electric for our Tesla. When the county inspector showed up and heard that Bill had installed it, he said that he didn’t need to look since Bill is so competent.”

Stan L. (Rolling Hills)

“Rise and Bill, we just wanted to thank you both for the great job you did in planning and installing our solar system. We didn’t realize how many options there were and how intricate the installation and connection process is. You both made it so much easier for us to navigate the process. We  liked the fact that Bill was able to select from several manufacturers and pick just the right system for our needs. Everything went perfectly from permit stage through the connection process. It was also helpful that you were aware of the local permit issues. We really appreciate your thoroughness and attention to detail.” 

John and Lynn (Rancho Palos Verdes)

“Well, you two are quite a team! Scott and I thank you both profusely for the success of our entire solar/roofing project. Your professionalism, diplomacy and attention to detail have allowed this process to go smoothly for us. Bill we appreciate all the time you gave us up front, explaining, and advising, your help with choosing the roofing and your role as a foreman. Risë you are an organizational wizard. Thanks for your running interference as needed and bringing it all together.”

Scott & Anne S. (South Torrance)

“We highly recommend Howe Builders! We got solar done over the summer and Bill was excellent! Very hard working and full of knowledge. Our 2-year-old son still talks about “Uncle Bill” and still looks for his truck!”

Lauren S. (Palos Verdes Estates)

“This company is wonderful. They walked me through step-by-step and came over the very next day. Bill was so helpful and answered all my questions and put me at ease and I have full confidence in their ability to get it done correctly. THEY CARE ABOUT CUSTOMERS!!!! I highly recommend them for all your SOLAR needs.”

Hung V. (Torrance)

“Great experience. We installed a significant solar system and I spoke with several companies before choosing Bill Howe. This is a family run business and the owner will both quote and then install the system. No farming it out to another company or a bunch of workers who have no vested interest doing the install. The pricing was fair, the work superb and all done on time as promised. A++”

Carl H. (Huntington Beach)

“Howe Builders are great! We had a previous solar system that wasn’t working as well as it should and Bill came over and evaluated our situation and worked with the old system panels provider to get ours upgraded at a great price. Note: The original installer went out of business as many of early ones have so we were left to fend for ourselves! Bill and his staff took care of everything. All we had to do was turn the lights on and watch the meter spin backwards! We would highly recommend Howe builders, as a matter of fact we already have to several of our friends and neighbors. Give them a call – you won’t be disappointed!”

Karen M. (Rancho Palos Verdes)

“Howe Builders installed our solar panels in Palos Verdes Estates more than a year ago.  We’ve been enjoying very low electricity bills ever since, and feel good about using renewable energy. They were efficient and the price was reasonable.  They followed up with us to help with the transition of billing.    Bill and his crew do great work.  I have enthusiastically  recommended Howe Builders to my neighbors and friends!”

Elaine B. (Palos Verdes Estates)

“My wife & I have been thinking about solar for years and finally decided to move ahead with it. As others tend to do, I spent a lot of time researching vendors & dealt with quite a few. The information tended to be very inconsistent & frankly I felt that many of the companies I spoke with provided me with inaccurate claims. I did some research on Nextdoor and found a great deal of positive feedback on Howe Builders. This company is a family-owned business that focuses on doing work in the Rolling Hills/Palos Verdes area. I reached out to Risë & she asked me a lot of questions & she provided a lot of information. She told me her husband Bill would review everything and let me know if our house was a good “solar” candidate. He got back to me quickly & after a couple of discussions, he came to the house to double check all of the information. My wife & I took the leap & signed the contract. Risë’s estimate for us from start to finish based on their availability was to complete the work within two weeks. We are just waiting for the SCE activation & we are at eight days (would have been seven, but we had a rainy day off). We will see how the bills look in a few months, but we have been nothing but impressed with the work done by Bill. Both he & Risë have kept us informed every step of the way & we are confident that if we need anything, they will take care of us. If you are looking into getting solar, make sure to give them a call.”

Matt B. (Rancho Palos Verdes)