Solar Energy

Howe Builders is a certified solar PV installer. Being a full service general contracting company, we are able to provide all trades necessary to complete your solar project. We custom design and install each solar panel system for optimal performance, durability and aesthetics.

Every project begins with a free on-site consultation. We will determine your home’s solar performance potential, and provide an economic analysis to calculate your savings & return on your solar investment. We will not consider a project that is not suitable for optimal performance to begin with.

We emphasize the importance of incorporating design with the installation process. Solar strategies can be incorporated into your roof design, roof construction and solar installation. With the experience and expertise of installers such as ourselves, solar systems have become a smart investment. 

First Grid-Tied Solar Panel System

in the City of Rolling Hills

October 10, 2003

We installed our first solar system in 2003 when solar technology was still in early development. In the past, solar panels were expensive,  unconventional, visually un-appealing, and did not perform well. But times have changed, aesthetics and technology are improving rapidly and there are Federal tax credits still available to offset costs. 

Featured solar panel systems in California Energy Commission’s Go Solar California Newsletter

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