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Why chose a company like Howe Builders? As a smaller solar company relative to our competitors in the area, we pride ourselves on providing every client with in-house service catering to their specific needs. Whether a project is large or small, we will find the best value for a customized installation to fit its energy requirements. We are a referral-based company, these referrals have helped us build a positive reputation among those in the community we service. Our clients are our neighbors. We have been installing custom solar systems in the area for more than a decade, and we look forward to continuing to help our neighbors choose a system that is right for them.

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Bill started his career in construction early in life as both an electrician and master carpenter. The experience he gained from forty years of this work led to his decision to become a part of the solar industry in 2003 with his first installation job. This job was the first grid-tiered residential solar system installed in the city of Rolling Hills.  His goal was then, and always is to provide quality craftsmanship and hands-on attention to every project. In the years since, Bill has installed more than 80 residential systems for clients across the South Bay. 

“Cory Howe, Bill Howe, and father C.W. Howe”

Howe Builders is a family owned and operated construction company.  We are a second-generation of home remodelers with more than thirty-five years of experience in remodeling custom-designed homes on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. 

Both Bill and his son Cory have a passion for solar as a renewable energy source and strive to provide their customers with the best solar installation experience. Cory is currently CEO of AM Sun Solar in Paso Robles, CA, the Central Coast’s highest-rated solar company. 

We take tremendous pride in our work, value a successful client/contractor relationship, and expect our projects to begin and end with trust and integrity. We provide quality solar craftsmanship and hands on attention to every project, all for the most competitive price possible. We carry both general liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

Risë met Bill in 1997 on a C.W. Howe jobsite where she was hired by the homeowner to hand paint ceramic tile for various projects on the inside and outside of the home. She had been custom hand painting ceramic tiles since 1986 and looking forward to the artistic freedom this project was offering. After collaborating on this project, Risë and Bill could see they had the same respect for the trade and passion for the quality in their own work. They married in 1998. Bill & Risë have two grown daughters.

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